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Our Philosophy
The aim of SoccerMainia programs is to aid each child’s development in three basic ways: physically, socially, and psychologically. All of these components can be developed in a fun-filled, safe environment.

Physically: Each program develops the child’s movement, balance, and coordination skills, using a variety of fun equipment.

Socially: At all times the child will be encouraged to feel welcome, and open to learning how to work and play with others.

Psychologically: Coaching focuses on creating a player who is motivated and confident, and who has a positive attitude toward soccer.

The ethos of SoccerMainia is to develop children’s basic motor skills and social skills, and to stimulate their learning in a fun and safe environment. Focusing on the child’s physical, self-esteem and social development, the main aim is to give each child a multifarious approach to soccer, and to sports in general.

What We Do
SoccerMainia is essentially a fun class of soccer skills and mini soccer games for boys and girls of all ages. When we schedule our classes, we group students by age, and when possible, level of experience in soccer.

To ensure maximum participation and enjoyment, SoccerMainia teaches with an average ratio of one adult to twelve students. We deliver these sessions throughout the San Jose, Campbell, and Milpitas areas.

Various fun activities involving running, jumping, balance, and coordination are used to enhance the child’s motor skills. (The use of special equipment within the activities also allows the development of skills such as kicking, dribbling, passing, and heading.)

Our preference is to be able to have our classes at a center or school location. When this is not possible, we work with the Parks and Recreation Department to reserve fields in order to accommodate as many students as possible.

SoccerMainia offers programs which run throughout the whole year. We also have our unique SoccerMainia Summer Soccer Camps, which can be tailored to suit your club, school, church, or any group wishing to enhance its soccer prowess.

All classes and courses cover a wide array of skills, including the following:

- Passing
- Shooting
- Running
- Dribbling
- Trapping
- Heading (for older students)
- Goalkeeping
- Shielding
- Cooperation
- Respect
- Discipline
- Sportsmanship
- Mini soccer games
- Laws of the game

What We Require
All children who participate must have appropriate clothing, shin guards, and a water bottle. Participants should also show up full of enthusiasm and energy.

For insurance purposes, no child can be permitted to participate without the parent or guardian having signed a waiver of liability registration form.

How to Contact Us
For more information on the above, or indeed any other matters you may wish to discuss, please feel free to contact us at your convenience.

Alec Main
(408) 893-4611